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This is a company owned network and computer system. Use of the system, e-mail, Internet and other services, shall be for company business purposes only, and is limited personnel specially authorized by the company. All use shall be in accordance with the company’s procedures, moral and ethical guidelines. If these are unknown to you, you are responsible for obtaining the information from your manager.

You and your manager are responsible for having the necessary skill in use of the requested IT-programs, and to initiate necessary training.

Company sensitive data, information shall be treated in a secure and confidential manner. User access codes and passwords shall always be kept secret. The information, data, or programs you are producing are to be company property, and treated in accordance with this.

Programs or data files shall not be saved locally on PC (on servers only). The PC's storage devices may be deleted without prior warning. This does not apply for portable PC’s. Licenced programs shall not be copied without legal authorisation.

Your PC shall be locked when leaving it unattended. At the end of the day, you are requested to log off the network, shut down local Windows, and power off the PC. Users of home computers are responsible for its anti-virus protection. You are also responsible for the protection of company equipment, data, and for not allowing unauthorized access to the computer or company network. Any temporary locally saved data shall frequently be updated on the networks shared storage system.

Violation of the described rules is a crime. It may be investigated by the company and/or legal authorities, and prosecuted according to company procedures, applying laws, and may have consequences for your employment with the company.