Land rig in AfricaKCA DEUTAG has a long and distinguished track record of operations in North and West Africa, including 50 years of continuous operations in Libya, and more than 20 years in Nigeria. During this time, KCA DEUTAG has also carried out land drilling operations in Algeria, Tunisia and Sudan, and started offshore drilling operations in Angola in 2006 and Gabon in 2008.

After Russia, Algeria is arguably the most important supplier of natural gas to Europe and the biggest drilling market in the region with about 120 onshore drilling and workover rigs.

KCA DEUTAG had previously worked in Algeria from 1993 to 2001, and in 2006 was awarded a drilling contract by BP for one of our new build Nomad rigs, T-211, which began operations in Q4 2007 and is expected to remain in Algeria for the foreseeable future.

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Following the acquisition in 2005 of International Air Drilling Company Limited, KCA DEUTAG is now the largest western owned drilling contractor in Libya, operating about 16 drilling and workover rigs.

As part of KCA DEUTAG's Libya modernisation strategy, we decommissioned some of our older rigs and began marketing more modern rigs. In 2007 and 2008 we deployed two rigs from outside Libya - the T-19, which worked for Verenex for more than one year, and the 3,000HP T-202 which was mobilised to Libya from Bangladesh, to commence a major three-year deep gas drilling contract with Shell.

Recent and current clients include WAHA, Agip, Wintershall, AGOCO, Veba and REMSA.

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KCA DEUTAG has a major, five-year contract from Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (CABGOC) - a Chevron subsidiary operating offshore Angola for the Benguela Belize field development. In mid 2007 we also mobilised our jack-up rig Ben Rinnes to carry out a three-year drilling programme for CABGOC.

Offshore Platform - Africa Benguela Belize is located some 50 miles offshore Angola in approximately 1,300ft of water and is being developed by a drilling and production platform with 42 well slots consisting of a compliant tower, drilling and production topsides.

RDS, our engineering division, designed the rig and project managed its construction in Houston in co-operation with NOV. The rig was installed during the second quarter of 2005.

In addition to the work for CABGOC, the Searex X is currently working off Luanda for Sonangol, having started a two-year contract in Q2 2008.

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KCA DEUTAG has been operating out of its base in Port Harcourt since 1987 and currently has six land rigs operating for Agip/Septa, PanOcean and Addax Petroleum.

Our Nigerian facilities include a heavy transport fleet for rig moves and logistics support of the rigs, an independent workshop to maintain the fleet, engineering support, and a computerised warehouse with a comprehensive stock of spares to efficiently support the operations.

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KCA DEUTAG entered the Gabon onshore market in 2006 by mobilising Rigs T-41 and T-48 for contracts with PanOcean. T-48 is now working for Addax Petroleum, while T-41 is working for NAOC in Nigeria.

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