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+veDRILL™ Design

+veDRILL™ Design  
Our engineering teams design and upgrade rigs using state of the art technology to lead the way in the digital transformation of drilling.
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BY 80%

A large brownfield rig reactivation project involves circa 500 isometric diagrams. Our laser scanning approach allows us to reduce the time taken to produce a fabrication isometric by 80%, in turn reducing engineering hours by 4%.


Engineering simulations helped the offshore construction process by simplifying the deliverables and cutting at least 2 days from the overall project schedule.

Our products


Rapid Scan to Engineering Drawing Process


Bringing Concepts and Ideas to Life


Visualisation and Verification of Engineering Work Scopes

VR Rig Models

Intelligent Analytics Driving Operational Performance

Enables virtual reality & digital twins
Reduces engineering man-hours
Introduces digital capabilities into existing rigs

We are at the forefront of simulation in design and digital enablement of drilling rigs. Our animation teams provide highly efficient procedure overviews in step-by-step detail. These are used to communicate engineering scopes which are spread across multiple drawings, models and reports.

Digital twins are a growing trend for information sharing, remote control, equipment diagnostics and activity monitoring. Our engineering group is able to offer this capability alongside virtual reality models of our rigs and equipment.

Efficiency every step of the way

We use tablets to digitally aid project close out and hand over engineering deliverables for fabrication and construction.

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+veDRILL™ Design

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