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+veDRILL™ Future

+veDRILL™ Future  
The combination of KCA Deutag’s superb operational expertise and Bentec’s experience in rig and equipment manufacture allows us to continually maintain leadership in drilling equipment innovation.
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Rigs equipped with Bentec top drives operated by KCA Deutag deliver 61% of wells half a day under AFE.

Our products

Carbon Emission Measurement

Link to generator’s fuel consumption to establish emissions levels

Battery Energy Storage System

Reduced CO2 emissions and maintenance savings

CCTV to remote locations

Real time technical support from the office and potential reduction of rigsite personnel

Red Zone Monitoring

Detect crew movements in and out of designated high-risk areas

Smart Mud Pump Fluid Ends

Faster change-out time and fewer spares required

Smart Automation and Mechanisation

Mechanised pipe handling, from catwalk to well centre

Power Jaws and Power Magnets

Iron Roughneck Grip Enhancement and Mud Contaminant Removal

Equipment that reduces personnel requirements
Delivers an intelligent human machine interface
Promotes simultaneous operations
Minimises flat time
Increases safety

From engineering design through to equipment manufacture and well construction, our closed feedback loop ensures continuous innovation at every stage of the process.

Equipment that is reliable, safe and has a low cost of ownership

Our drilling equipment incorporates the right level of mechanisation and technology. When combined as an integrated rig package, it not only offers performance benefits but also high operability, lower cost of ownership and consistent drilling performance, while removing people from the red zone.

Discover how

+veDRILL™ Future

is driving the future of drilling equipment

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