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+veDRILL™ Maintain

+veDRILL™ Maintain  
Our innovations in repair and maintenance play a crucial part in improving equipment overhaul and replacement schedules, as well as helping to optimise performance.
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70% OF

Based on 65 top drives running over 30 months, rigCARE remote access has resolved 70% of service issues without a service engineer going to the rig site.

Our products


Intelligent Equipment Monitoring and Remote Support

Condition Based Monitoring

Automated Failure Analysis for Improved Reliability

Remote support
Better decisions at the right time
Enhances scheduling
Maximises uptime
No surprises

Equipment reliability is fundamental to running a safe, efficient and trouble-free drilling operation. While equipment failures can occur, our focus on condition based monitoring and remote service means we can often prevent or detect problems early on and quickly remedy them. At KCA Deutag we aim for a culture of ‘no surprises’.

Strong back up when you need it

Through 24/7 real-time support and remote equipment monitoring, early alert systems are in place and failures can very often be resolved without the need for technicians to travel to the rig site – driving down cost.

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+veDRILL™ Maintain

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