Caring for our Future

In Caring for our Future, we ensure a stable foundation for the continued success of KCA Deutag, embedding robust corporate governance, rigorous financial discipline and responsible investment.

High ethical and operational standards in our day-to-day operations safeguard the contributions we deliver to the industries and to the communities where we live and work. We are committed to navigating the energy transition by continually adapting our business to deliver growth. With competent governance, competitive growth and innovation driving diversification of our income streams, we provide job security to our people and organisational reliability to our partners.

Our commitment to strong governance drives accountability, value and protection for our stakeholders and communities. The corporate governance structure and procedures we have in place ensure that the KCA Deutag Group is well equipped to succeed.

We embed good practice through a comprehensive range of legal and ethics policies, procedures and frameworks which govern the things we do and the ways in which we do them.

Open and transparent communications with our people, customers, investors and communities allows us to engage with all our stakeholders, building trust and allowing for two-way feedback to enable continual improvement.

Our Executive Leadership Team is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is aligned around a shared understanding of the organisation’s values, strategy and culture. This is achieved through direct and cascade management, a range of internal communications channels and a regular series of company-wide webinars led by our CEO.

We hold quarterly earnings calls with our investors and bondholders, providing regular updates on the financial and operational performance of the business. Hosted by our CEO and CFO, these calls include the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and engage directly with our leaders.

We adopt a customer-centric approach to doing business and aim to align our services, activities and offerings as closely as possible to the needs of our customers. In order to understand and anticipate those needs, we engage in regular communication, supplemented by a formal feedback process.

We are committed to the continual upgrade of our business through the advancement of our utilisation of data, processes and digital technologies.

By collecting accurate data and working to robust processes we can improve the safety and reliability of operations while delivering cost efficiencies and reduced carbon footprints.

The adaptability and innovation of our people will allow us to thrive in the changing energy market. We welcome input from people all over our business and use fresh thinking to build on our extensive experience to drive ourselves and our operations forward. Captured through schemes including SKORE and the CEO Innovation Challenge, ideas from the frontline are already transforming our business.

We are committed to investing in a responsible manner and ensuring we have the appropriate controls in place. We consider the incorporation of ESG issues into our investment analysis and decision making processes and ensure appropriate and transparent disclosure practices are followed.

Building a sustainable future for our people, our business, and our planet.

We report on the development of our sustainability strategy as well as our performance and activities. Download our latest Sustainability Report now.