Caring for our People

Caring for our People underpins everything we do. Our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to delivering a workplace where safety, health, wellbeing, development and recognition are ingrained in our culture.

KCA Deutag is an employer of choice, a place where people want to work and where they thrive. We strive to foster an environment that makes everyone feel safe, respected, valued and recognised and allows them to progress their career and contribute to the communities where we live in work.

Safety is our top priority and we make it our mission to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our operations, our worksites and, above all, our people.

Our vision is to drive a Culture of Care where safety can be shaped through positive conversations, led by our leaders’ ability to create an open environment and connect sincerely with our teams to #drivetozero incidents.

Sitting alongside our industry-leading safety culture are mental wellbeing and general health – both crucial elements in ensuring the welfare of our people. Mental health awareness campaigns are continually delivered by our global team of health ambassadors, ensuring we highlight the importance of mental wellbeing. Various physical health initiatives run by our operations globally encourage our teams to keep active and focus on maintain and improving their general health.

We recognise that nurturing talent and supporting our people to reach their full potential benefits our people, customers, investors and the communities where we live and work.

Our ambition is to build on the basics with clear career development opportunities for all our people. We do this by developing individual capability through global and national opportunities to contribute to projects shaping the future of our business; meaningful appraisal discussions; robust succession planning and identifying sustainable talent pipelines for the future.

Our internal talent development team operate leadership development and mentoring opportunities to improve our leadership capability and enhance our technical and operating expertise.

We recognise the importance of technical and professional development and offer educational assistance and support bonded packages to all of our teams. Additionally, we provide access to an online learning library to support our people as they advance their career through self-directed learning. As a global organisation with a number of operating divisions, we have the opportunity to support some people in changing their career path while remaining with the organisation.

As an international company with a hugely diverse workforce we are committed to creating a collaborative work environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. This means treating all our people fairly and with respect.

Our Culture of Care means we continually strive to foster a culture of inclusion where we value the strengths and differences of each other, understanding that every person can make a positive impact.

We value all people within KCA Deutag and are fully committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy provides a framework for action and education across our organisation.

A major component of our DE&I strategy is centred around women in our workplace and the traditionally male dominated industries where we work. We are committed to ensuring that KCA Deutag is a workplace where women can thrive.

Women make up 37.5% of our Executive Leadership Team, providing visible leadership to all our people. Each year we publish our UK Gender Pay Gap Report. The findings of this report are integrated into our DE&I strategy to improve our performance and ensure that KCA Deutag offers an environment where women can pursue the full extent of their ambition.

Building a sustainable future for our people, our business, and our planet.

We report on the development of our sustainability strategy as well as our performance and activities. Download our latest Sustainability Report now.