Dial in to our quarterly earnings call

In relation to the KCA Deutag Q2 2023 earnings call to be held on Thursday 24th August at 2pm (BST), please find below the dial in details.

Please note you are required to pre-register for this call. For anyone experiencing issues using the interactive webinar system please note the slides will also be available on our website before the call and audio can be accessed using the dial in.

A playback facility will be available after the call.

A press release will be posted on to the KCA Deutag Investor website on the day of the call, with the presentation to follow shortly before the call. The KCA Deutag webpage link is as follows: https://www.kcadeutag.com/results-centre


Details of how to join the event can be accessed by registering at the following link: https://services.choruscall.za.com/DiamondPassRegistration/register?confirmationNumber=6614696&linkSecurityString=1118c0eb08

Once registered you will be provided with your unique dial in. The link is currently live so please ensure you register in advance of the call.

Audio will also be available on the interactive webinar system with the presentation. The webinar can be accessed at: https://www.lsegissuerservices.com/spark/KCADD/events/6a0d134d-3c41-41ea-a24c-f2c1a5cec14f

Q&A however will only be accepted through the dial in, you will not be able to ask questions via the webinar system.