Digital human factors

Procedurally disciplined and well trained crews not only maintain high safety levels but can boost productivity. KCA Deutag has developed in-house tools to aid our crews and make procedural compliance a choice that people consciously take.

Our innovations in this area support our personnel in making the right choice with the right information and with the understanding that a course of action will affect not only their own safety, but the safety of others and the overall operation.

By providing procedures, risk assessments and supervisory monitoring tools in a simple and accessible way via tablets, we ensure that an operation follows the agreed step-by-step approach. As part of this, we consider the latest lessons learned, gathered from across the whole rig fleet. In addition, by tracking which crews have performed certain tasks, we are in a strong position to monitor skill sets and gather crew competence information.


KCA Deutag CheckIt app
Digital procedures and checklists at the rig floor

Active Monitoring app
Task monitoring aid for supervisors

eTRIC app
Tablet based task risk assessment

Alerts app
Instant communication of operational incidents across the fleet

Rig Actions app
Ensure visibility and on-time closure of rig site actions

Inspections app
Ensure inspections are detailed and timely

iWorkpacks app
Interactive construction packs

DART® training
Real-time training within a virtual drilling environment



An analysis over four years and more than 2,500 wells found that crews that consistently follow procedure complete wells up to four days faster.

Delivering value by transforming drilling operations

While we are known for our superior safety and operational performance, the technology and innovation we bring to our equipment and drilling operations are proven to deliver outstanding long-term efficiencies – meaning tangible time and financial savings.