Dynamic Advanced Responsive Training (DART®) uses state-of-the-art drilling simulators to provide quality training in various aspects of drilling activities including accredited well control courses, surface and downhole equipment and operations.

DART® uses computer-generated 3D graphics, real-time simulation and sound effects to create a realistic and engaging training experience.

In addition to training rig crews in the operation of equipment controls, software allows downhole conditions to be realistically replicated so that the drilling of wells can be practised by operator representatives and rig crew personnel in a safe and cost effective environment. This significantly assists in the reduction of rig downtime, non-productive time during drilling, completion and new rig start-ups, thereby helping teams to operate safely and succeed globally.


  • A cost effective alternative to on-the-rig training
  • No risk to personnel or the environment
  • Improved HSE performance through enhanced competence
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Elimination of unplanned well events
  • A reduction in non-productive time.