Emissions control

Emissions monitoring and reduction technologies to decarbonise operations.

Controlling emissions to decarbonise operations is crucial to a safe and sustainable transition towards clean energy sources and we take our obligations towards Caring for our Planet seriously.

That’s why we are committed to developing technologies that support emissions reduction programmes for our own operations as well as for our customers.

It starts with accurate monitoring and our Carbon Emissions Monitoring (CEM) is our technology solution that allows for the calculation, in real time, of emissions from drilling equipment, to allow for the design and implementation of innovative reduction measures and activities.

Our engineering teams at Kenera design and implement a range of solutions that support customers to decarbonise their operations. Electrification and power management are two key areas where significant improvements can be made.

Running rigs on grid power offers significant emissions reductions when compared with the use of diesel-powered generators. We are actively working with customers to reduce emissions by moving to grid power where this facility is available.

In 2022, four of our own rigs operated on grid power. Each day of each rig operating on grid power prevented the burning of approximately 5,000 litres of fuel and associated CO2 emissions, with almost 3.5 million litres of diesel and 9,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved in total.

Power management
Kenera delivers a range of power management solutions with our innovative Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) being a popular choice for customers.

Our BESS units, capture the excess energy produced by diesel-fuelled generators, storing it to deploy during demand peaks and allowing more efficient generator use. This allows drilling rigs to run with either fewer engines or lower engine loads, helping to reduce engine runtime, diesel usage and maintenance effort, leading to reduced costs to operators and ultimately to lower emissions.

Building a sustainable future for our people, our business, and our planet.

We report on the development of our sustainability strategy as well as our performance and activities. Download our latest Sustainability Report now.