Supplier information

Part of the success of our business is carefully selecting the parties with which we do business. This page outlines what you, as a potential supplier, need to do in order to support KCA Deutag to #enhancethebrand.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is responsible for the organisation and management of all purchasing activities for goods, equipment and services required by KCA Deutag. We are responsible for the performance of our suppliers and recognise the value of being a great customer. Our promise to you is we will be fair, lawful, legal and ethical in our dealings with you and will strive for excellence, value for money and quality.

The SCM team aims to add value to the company by agreeing the best commercial arrangements that look to offer significant benefits both to our suppliers and to KCA Deutag. Our sourcing strategy has evolved and we are currently encouraging long-term agreements with our critical suppliers in order to build trust, narrow uncertainty, improve quality, increase value and shorten lead times.

All new suppliers must complete a supplier evaluation form as requested by KCA Deutag. We expect our suppliers to hold similar values to us, deliver on their promises, be safe, take care of the environment and be fair and ethical.

We expect our suppliers to understand and support KCA Deutag to #enhancethebrand.